Sunset with seagulls

Sunset by the sea, Finland.

Sunset is always unique. No two sunsets are alike. One of the most memorable sunset happened over a year ago when visiting the lovely island of Aspo in the Turku archipelago in Finland. Storm was approaching within few days. Wind was blowing and gaining strength. It made grilling outside impossible, although not without a try, and forced to enjoy supper inside the boat. And as the sun set, there were outstanding signs of oncoming weather. Sky turned to magnificent red, and dramatic clouds filled the horizon. Group of seagulls and terns filled the shore also watching and enjoying the dramatic sunset and amazing view.

If known better, there would have been a chance to pick up the signs and foresee the upcoming weather and change the plans and head back to harbor instead of still continuing further to the outer islands. But having said that, it would have also lead to miss the stunning sunsets before the storm and the extra day and visit to the island of Berghamn on the way back from the outer islands. The storm forced to take shelter, and the sheltered harbor in the cove of Berghamn was surely welcomed sight, and the dock filled quickly. It had been on the plans to visit the island the same summer so to some extent you could say it went as planned, although it would have been much more pleasant to travel in less stormy weather.

Photo above is from this summer. Wind was getting stronger, and the shore invited again to take a shelter and wait for the wind to calm down. By the evening wind had settled after all and the sea was calm again. Cranes sang in the distance, and yet another startling sunset was awaiting with seagulls in front of the bay. Serene sunset settled the wind, and the next day journey could continue in delightfully calm weather.