Valokuvaaja Kati Kalkamo


Portraits of nature, footprints of life

“For me taking photographs is a form of storytelling, it is my love story to the world. Nature is my quide, imperceptible beauty my source of inspiration. Photography is my way to see the world deeper.”

Photographer Kati Kalkamo creates stories both big and small.  From Finland and around the world. On the road and outdoors.

Kati Kalkamo’s photographs consist of illustrations and fine art photographs. Nature is close to her heart and the most important source of inspiration. Her primary subjects are nature and nature’s compositions and details in landscape and in constructed environment.

From this website you can find Kati Kalkamo’s photography portfolio, Discovering Latent Ink -photography and travel blog and links to social media and to stock photos of photographer Kati Kalkamo.

Illustrations, prints and fine art photographs.

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