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Photographic philosophy

Photographic philosophy – Photographer Kati Kalkamo

Photographer Kati KalkamoFor me taking photographs is a form of storytelling in which the completed photograph tells a story about footprints of a life that is colored by my soul.

Every photograph that I take is an interpretation of the reality, reflection of myself. Although I can photograph what I see, I can not capture the reality, only my own vision of the surrounding world. Photograph is a combination of choices that come straight from one’s heart, soul and personality, and I believe it tells even more about the person behind the camera than the subject itself.

Taking photographs is my love story to the world and my way to see the world deeper. Change is all around us and this change is full of possibilities and these possibilities are what I am pursuing with my photographs.

My hope and desire is to bring forth the beauty and extraordinary in plain and ordinary. I believe that beauty can be found all around us, even close by and in forgotten.

Illustrations, prints and fine art photographs.

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