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Sounds of rocks

Photos are from the Isle of Jurmo in July 2012. Isle of Jurmo is one of the most enchanting places in the Archipelago Sea in Finland. Elongated island is like a rocky park in memory of the ice age. Different sized, shaped and colored rocks dominate this island, and vast heather fields and open treeless views resemble arctic landscapes of Finnish Lapland. It was fun to notice how the different sized rocks made different sounds when you walked on them. Rumble, rattle, rustle and rasp. Depending on the size of the rocks.

Power of nature and light – nature trail in Nauvo

Photos above are from a nature trail in Nauvo, Finland, in August 2013. The nature trail is located near the guest harbor of Nauvo and leads to the nearby stone labyrinth of Finby.

The guest harbor of Nauvo has often been a way point for our boat trips with its services, shops and possibility for refueling but never before for several days.

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Sunset with seagulls

Sunset by the sea, Finland.

Sunset is always unique. No two sunsets are alike. One of the most memorable sunset happened over a year ago when visiting the lovely island of Aspo in the Turku archipelago in Finland. Storm was approaching within few days. Wind was blowing and gaining strength. It made grilling outside impossible, although not without a try, and forced to enjoy supper inside the boat. And as the sun set, there were outstanding signs of oncoming weather. Sky turned to magnificent red, and dramatic clouds filled the horizon. Group of seagulls and terns filled the shore also watching and enjoying the dramatic sunset and amazing view.

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