Art of seeing close

Haast river

See near as you would look far away. When far away, see as you would look close to you.

Several years ago when traveling in New Zealand I was sitting on a tourist boat admiring landscapes and sea views by the North Island. In the same boat there was an elderly man from New Zealand. He said that even though he lived so close to these amazing landscapes and wonders of nature he had never taken time to see these. We were as astonished by the landscapes only his journey to here had been about 45 hours and several thousand kilometers shorter.

I wondered how easy it is to ignore one’s own surroundings even when in such an amazing  settings as in New Zealand. And how much easier it is to think discovery of new aspects and views to be a part of traveling far away and in to new surroundings rather than near by and amongst every day living. Observing surroundings close by and in the middle of every day living and considering them as astonishing and as new as when traveling comes also often with great frustration. Unique beauty is easy to be overcome by plain and ordinary and even obvious wonders can be unseen.

When traveling it is much more easy to tune in to wondering and enjoying of simple and common things. However even then can the spirit of location and the essence of uniqueness be passed by with the obvious.

Lake Taupo