Rainy day

2.10.2012, Lake Kesänkijärvi, Finland.

  • Misty lake view enchanted by drizzly weather.
  • Veil of tranquility.
  • Cold scent of winter mixed with sweet and decaying scent of autumn.

When traveling I am used to keep a small travel journal. Mood, moments, memories for years to come, views and experiences. Sometimes as short mentions and other times extensively describing. And after every day, under days events, I gather highlights of the day as a list of most memorable moments, events and mood, also from my travel companions. These highlights work as a guide to memory and help to recall journey’s best moments and the essence of the day what made the day special.

Photo is from Finnish Lapland, from the shores of Lake Kesänkijärvi in Äkäslompolo, in the autumn of 2012. The best autumn colors had lost the hold on landscape but the ground was still covered in bright autumn colors from flashing red to brilliant yellow and deep green prevailed the forest landscape. Mist and drizzly weather wrapped the landscape with tranquility and the path and touching views along the lake were at the same time both calming and exhilarating. Busiest autumn season was over and it had left behind calm silence and amazement for the nature’s power, evanescence and private experience of the silent paths.