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When in paradise, leave no mark behind

Lookout point on the island of Tenerife

The world is full of amazing beauty and unique places. When traveling, I often ponder how easy it is nowadays to travel. My mind is filled with gratitude as I think how effortless it is to see and experience wondrous places compared to the traveling in former times. Modern-day explorers do not have to deal with the risks and challenges that travelers earlier had to conquer to see the wonders of the world with their own eyes. However, despite the simplicity and the ease of accessibility, it should still be important to remember to appreciate every travel destination with the same amount of respect.

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Power of nature and light – nature trail in Nauvo

Photos above are from a nature trail in Nauvo, Finland, in August 2013. The nature trail is located near the guest harbor of Nauvo and leads to the nearby stone labyrinth of Finby.

The guest harbor of Nauvo has often been a way point for our boat trips with its services, shops and possibility for refueling but never before for several days.

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Sunset with seagulls

Sunset by the sea, Finland.

Sunset is always unique. No two sunsets are alike. One of the most memorable sunset happened over a year ago when visiting the lovely island of Aspo in the Turku archipelago in Finland. Storm was approaching within few days. Wind was blowing and gaining strength. It made grilling outside impossible, although not without a try, and forced to enjoy supper inside the boat. And as the sun set, there were outstanding signs of oncoming weather. Sky turned to magnificent red, and dramatic clouds filled the horizon. Group of seagulls and terns filled the shore also watching and enjoying the dramatic sunset and amazing view.

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Art of seeing close

Haast river

See near as you would look far away. When far away, see as you would look close to you.

Several years ago when traveling in New Zealand I was sitting on a tourist boat admiring landscapes and sea views by the North Island. In the same boat there was an elderly man from New Zealand. He said that even though he lived so close to these amazing landscapes and wonders of nature he had never taken time to see these. We were as astonished by the landscapes only his journey to here had been about 45 hours and several thousand kilometers shorter.

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