Memories and memory cards from New Zealand

At the shores of Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand.

Inspiring landscapes of New Zealand are quite literally inviting to take photographs. Stunning landscapes look like they are taken straight from the pages of a storybook.

Photo above is from the shores of Lake Rotoiti in New Zealand, in November 2007. We were on a three week journey around the New Zealand’s main islands with my husband, and we traveled around by a campervan. The Kerr Bay campsite located by the Lake Rotoiti was in the middle of our journey. We arrived to the campsite in the evening, and the reception was already closed, but fortunately the fee could be paid in the next morning. Luckily we also got our campervan in to a place with an electrical outlet so there were no need for wearing beanies during the night. Descendants of Pet rabbits ran around the place, and in the forest nearby, which is a part of Nelson Lakes National Park, could have been possible to see kiwi birds in the wild. Idyllic settings of the Lake Rotoiti, surrounded by the mountains, made the campsite along the lake definitely one of the best experiences of our three week journey and top places to visit again.

Digital photography has created a new need for concentration to refrain myself from taking pictures and truly experiencing the views and landscapes. Careful and calculative use of film has reversed into quickly fulfilling gigabytes of memory cards. When I become inspired by every subtle nuance around me, and the memory card fulfills its own purpose with joy, I sometimes have to remind myself to stop and enjoy the views and allow my every sense and cell of my body to absorb the surrounding experiences and views. This leaves not only images to remember from but also exhilarating memories and something to dream of in the future.

Three weeks in abundant picturesque landscapes of New Zealand was well recorded into memory cards, but above all, stopping in front of inspiring landscapes of New Zealand and enjoying the views and experiences are still carrying my memories. Including phenomenal views and landscapes, on the top of my memories are the breathtaking wind that was seasoned with sea salt and sand, meandering steep roads, unbelievable peacefulness, and countless sheep, about 45 million of them! And during this whole three weeks we had only three CDs in our campervan that were imprinted as travel music due to the nonstop playing during the journey across the country. These still remind me about the amazing three weeks and the beautiful New Zealand.