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Together and separate

Illusion of separation - Photographer Kati Kalkamo

The third and the last exhibition to celebrate my cooperative’s 20th anniversary opened today, July 3rd at the Turku Main Library.

Exhibition, Together and Separete, is open until 30th of August. Welcome!

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Beauty of imperfection

Wilted plant under water. Photographer Kati Kalkamo.

I love the vast landscapes and majestic views, these give perspective to one’s own life. But what really makes me tick, is the beauty of imperfection and fleeting time. Nothing compares to finding beauty in ordinary and plain sights and details. You can find me most enthusiastic with my camera in the front of wilted plants, twigs and seemingly insignificant debris and trash. These keep me grounded, keep me in the present and accepting and rejoicing the everlasting change.