Momentary essence

Under flood

For four years I used to walk past an old enthralling forest that intrigued my imagination and invited me to walk into the woods with my camera. But every time I was in a hurry, or the weather was not right, or the light was not suitable. Every time I thought that maybe the next time.

One day, when I was once again passing by the forest, I was surprised to see that the forest was no longer there. It had vanished, been cut down, and the land was waiting for houses to be built. The forest was gone and so were the pictures that I had planned in my mind. They had to wait for another forest to come by.

If I would have let go of my hectic pace and my need to control the circumstances, I could have stopped and embraced the prevailing moment. I could have walked into the woods and not just plan for it and wait for the future.