Memorable weather variations

I have always loved rain and bad weather. I am not well suited for hot weather, and I am intrigued by what is left behind when taken out the serene weather and guaranteed sunshine.

Bad weather is good for exploring new places. It reveals delicate nuances in landscape which can otherwise vanish behind grand and spectacular views. Unforgettable memories are created when you find out that the waterproof outfit is really not waterproof in pouring rain, when wind is howling in your ears and the only way to stay upright is to lean firmly towards the wind, when hail storm interrupts relaxed ride in sunny weather and sandals in your feet amuse even yourself.

Photos are from the Isle of São Miguel, Azores, few years ago. Spring weather on the island changed constantly from sunshine to rain, from cloudy to hail storms, from warm to spine scraping winds, and at best all in the same day. My most favorite memory from the island is ending up in the middle of clouds and finding Lake Lagoa do Fogo amongst the sheltering clouds. The lake revealed its existence only momentarily when the clouds eased their grip from the landscape.

Flowers in rainy landscape, Azores.