Gatherers and cultivators

Heart of the forest
In the heart of a rain forest, Azores.

There are cultivators and gatherers. Many of us are more of one of them and probably most of us are little bit of both.

I myself am at first a gatherer. I love to find new places, discover new landscapes, paths and experiences. I long for travel, walks under the trees, by the river and along the sea shore. I gather experiences and flourish in seeing and feeling new things. This all comes primarily from photography. Photography makes me concentrate, look closer and search for new unseen aspects.

But as much as I long to travel, experience new places and see more, I also have a cultivator in me. Who loves an easy morning, silence and stillness. Who gets excited about nourishing and cultivating one’s own surroundings, body, mind and soul. Who enjoys the familiar and safe.

There are also a few places that will always feel like home to me. Where I belong and where I long for again and again. These are places that I could stay for and almost forget the need to find new places and experiences. These are the sea and the archipelago.

Which one are you? Are you also both?