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Photographer Kati Kalkamo
Photographer Kati Kalkamo

I am a photographic artist from Southwest Finland, and I was born in 1978 in Turku Finland. I am primarily self-taught photographer, and I was swept away by photography at age of 12 as I bought my first compact camera. There wasn’t much to be said about my first camera, except that it was bright red, and it was a start of a lifelong passion and education towards a career as a photographic artist.

I have developed my photographic style and philosophy consistently and with determination throughout all these years. Addition to my style has come from studies of art history, cultural history and visual arts program and from artisan degree in clothing in 2006.

Primary subjects in my artwork are nature, details in landscape and different materials and objects found around. I emphasize simplified form, rhythm, color and mood, and in my photographs you can find roughness of reality, abstract minimalism and symbolic features that arises from imagination.

I attempt to tell about world’s uniqueness, frailty and evanescence of a life that gets easily passed by when pursuing always more, always newer and always better.

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