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Sounds of rocks

Photos are from the Isle of Jurmo in July 2012. Isle of Jurmo is one of the most enchanting places in the Archipelago Sea in Finland. Elongated island is like a rocky park in memory of the ice age. Different sized, shaped and colored rocks dominate this island, and vast heather fields and open treeless views resemble arctic landscapes of Finnish Lapland. It was fun to notice how the different sized rocks made different sounds when you walked on them. Rumble, rattle, rustle and rasp. Depending on the size of the rocks.

Always same – always different

Calm weather at the Archipelago Sea
Calm weather at the Archipelago Sea, Finland.

Passing by a familiar landscape can be tedious. Landscape that has lost its novelty long ago can be easily ignored. But sometimes even the familiar landscape will surprise you, and it is most refreshing to find versatile changes from the scenery that is well-known.

In October last year, as we were on one of our last boat trips of that autumn at the Archipelago Sea, the weather calmed down suddenly below the Airisto. The sun began to shine bright and on the way we passed by a slowly rolling sailboat race and got to fully enjoy the most gentle autumn weather. We had passed by this landscape several times before, in all kinds of weather conditions, but this calm and sunny weather was still surprising.

Thousands of different nuances in the weather, light, season and time of the day shape the landscape and make the scenery different every time. It is inspiring to discover something new and surprising in a familiar landscape. Familiar landscape is always the same but never alike.

Sailboat race
Sailboat race in calm weather, Archipelago Sea, Finland.

Power of nature and light – nature trail in Nauvo

Photos above are from a nature trail in Nauvo, Finland, in August 2013. The nature trail is located near the guest harbor of Nauvo and leads to the nearby stone labyrinth of Finby.

The guest harbor of Nauvo has often been a way point for our boat trips with its services, shops and possibility for refueling but never before for several days.

Summer was still at its best in August and despite of the huge waves on the way and occasional rain showers the weekend was lovely and refreshing.

The guest harbor of Nauvo offered relaxing surroundings by the sea and a possibility to sigh for the outstanding old wooden boats, astonishing trash dive and the Nagu Rock -event. During the weekend we were also able to marvel the wondrous starry sky, catch smoked salmon from the fishmonger, grill delicacies from the nearby store and to visit one of the many nature trails in Nauvo.

The nature trail meandered along the sand roads and paths ending  up on the rock with a stone labyrinth. Sun was shining beautifully, and the path gave peaceful break from bustle of the guest harbor. Gorgeous nature, silence of the forest, deep green and softness of the moss, sweet scent of the heathers on the ground, reminding from childhood in archipelago and ferns covering the forest floor. I was touched by the nature’s indisputable will for life and the power that has molded the landscape and gets the plants to compete of the light and the place on the forest floor.