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Beauty of imperfection

Wilted plant leaves. Photographer Kati Kalkamo.

I love the vast landscapes and majestic views, these give perspective to one’s own life. But what really makes me tick, is the beauty of imperfection and fleeting time. Nothing compares to finding beauty in ordinary and plain sights and details. You can find me most enthusiastic with my camera in the front of wilted plants, twigs and seemingly insignificant debris and trash. These keep me grounded, keep me in the present and accepting and rejoicing the everlasting change.

Yield of the forest

Troll woods. Photographer Kati Kalkamo.

Nothing is lost in the forest, nothing is useless, nothing is wasted. Layers upon layers create a sense of time. Nothing ends, it just changes shape. Time of a forest isn’t harsh, it’s solacing. Forest doesn’t take, it doesn’t hurry. Cycle of time prevails the landscape. Time and eternity are present everywhere.

Forest is endless source for stories. Life is teeming everywhere, even in the quietest forests. Forest makes your imagination fly, and it gives life to the fairy tale creatures. Stories are waiting for the listeners.

Photo is from July, 2015. The day was hot and rainy. Just moments after I took the photo it started pouring rain.

Rainy day made the colors shine and made the forest smell wonderful. I searched for the chanterelles but unfortunately found none. Summer rains hadn’t been enough yet.  But I didn’t leave the forest empty handed.  I had found troll woods of a fairy tale, enchanting atmosphere, light that filtered through the branches and the tranquility that keeps you going in the middle of a busy week.